Map of Ponsanooth Parish Footpaths
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Footpaths – December 2021


The Parish Council has no duties to protect or improve footpaths. Since March 2020 is was agreed to work with Cornwall Council under the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) agreement, the costs and benefits are to be reported in February 2020.


Most Public rights of way cross private land, which is often the responsibility of the landowner or occupier for the footpath to be safe and usable.


Public rights of way users should be familiar with the Countryside Code and respect other people’s property and includes sticking to the path as shown on up-to-date Ordnance Survey maps.


Ponsanooth Parish Councils focus is for paths to be accessible, with the view to improve them following the first year of the LMP.


Please report any concerns of compliments regarding Ponsanooth Parish Council's footpaths to the Clerk


2/1 Gonorman heading to Lidgey – Take a right turn and follow the drive, near the property a small slate sign is marked footpath pointing to the left of the hedge. A stone wall stile is halfway down this path.  The path tracks between and pass four fields.

Improvements – Thick bracken removed due to 2-3 years overgrowth.

Maintenance considerations – To be cut once a year.



3. TBC



4/1 & 4/2 Boswin Cider Farm to pass solar panel farm – After path 4/3 you entre this path in the centre of the path, it is a wide track crossing 4 fields. The is a gate for a vehicle and a kissing gate.  Evidence of stones stiles sit tight to the boundary in the last field. The end of the path has a stone stile over a boundary wall. (Note the road to the left takes you down pass treetops to and links to path 2/1)

Improvements – non needed as private land

Maintenance considerations – Be aware of growth at the kissing gate.


4/3 Roskrow Farm to Windturbines

Description – Starting at the road that is signposted to Treverthens Abbatoir, the drive/path tracks down pass Roskrow Barton, at this point a locked gate is reached, there is a way through to the left of the gate,   continue pass Roskrow Barton Farm.  At the farm, straight ahead there is a grassed path either side of two fences, no waymarkers through, but clear to pass.  A kissing gate takes you to the middle of path 4/3. 

Improvements – non needed as private land

Maintenance considerations - Some bracken around the kissing gate at the Solar Panel end.


5/1 Lidgey to Menkea

Description – starting near the Greek Chapel, the Path heads over a steep wall to cross the centre of the field.  The path tracks to the left hand part of the field and then across the boundary of the field.  There is no suitable stile and a post that is loose, to pull up over the steep wall.

Improvements – bracken has been cleared at both entrance and exits of this path.

Maintenance considerations – a wooden stile at the start of the path needs replacing.  Only maintenance at the beginning and end of the path needed. A suitable stile is needed at the end of the field.



6/1 (Roskrow Barton land) Menthownick to Boswin Road and A39


A clear and well-trodden path

Improvements – non needed

Maintenance considerations – Non needed


7/1 Bottom of Cosawes Wood


8/1 Cosawes Park

New signage in progress


9/1 (Bronze path)t to the left of the chapel towards back of Cosawes Estate


10/2 A39 (near burnthouse allotments to Little Gonreeve)



11/2 (Bronze path) Menheniot (200m)

12/1 Gwarder Farm to Raskedjack cottage


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